Got a set-up question? Want to check you’re getting the most out of Fullsight? We’re here to help

What is Fullsight?

Fullsight is web-based software that collects user data from your website and collates, stores and presents it with your affiliate network data in any number of analytics tool at the click of a few buttons.

There will be no need to learn a new reporting system; within minutes, you could be pointing all of your user, cost and revenue data to a tool of your choice, including Google Analytics and Google BigQuery; cutting out valuable hours of data reconciliation and reporting time for your online business.

Fullsight works especially well for publishers, bloggers and comparison sites who typically optimise their marketing efforts to referral, or click-out, where their users continue to another site to complete transactions.

Why do I need it, and why is it different?

If you or your team are trying to make sense of how your latest PPC, SEO, or site optimisation campaigns are working, but you don’t have reliable, up-to-date revenue data in your analytics software, how can you be sure you’re spending your money in the correct way?

Unlike other revenue data software, Fullsight will push all of this data to a Destination of your choice so that you can finally see exactly how your online marketing efforts perform.

How does it work?

With a small amount of setup to integrate Fullsight on your website and connect your data Sources and Destinations; it begins to stitch together crucial data about how your users navigate your site, and the transaction information from the site that they transact on.

What does that mean for you? A complete view, to a granular level, of what’s profitable on your site – from Ad revenue, to PPC campaigns, to content page revenue – and importantly, much less time spent on collecting and sorting your data from multiple places

What is a Source?

A Source in Fullsight is any one of a number of affiliate networks that you may use to conduct your online business. Connect all of the Sources for the affiliate networks that you work with and you’ll be on your way to seeing all of its data, in real-time, in the Destination of your choice.

What is a Destination?

A Destination in Fullsight is the tool that you want all of your aggregated site user data and e-commerce data to appear. You might want to choose a Destination that you are already reporting with, as the idea is not for Fullsight to change your reporting habits, but to enhance them with live user and e-commerce data. You are, however, also able to connect to a new destination within Fullsight to establish new reporting methods. 

How do I connect Fullsight for my business?


  • When you sign up to Fullsight, you’ll be guided through a wizard that gives you all of the instructions on how to set up your data Sources. You can choose to connect to a wide range of affiliate networks, with each one taking only minutes to complete.


  • Similarly to connecting a Source, you’ll get instructions for each of the Destination you want your data to appear in. Destinations include Google Analytics and Google BigQuery, but you will be able to connect to a wide range of destinations, so you can continue your reporting as normal, without having to spend time getting your head around a new system.


  • Once you’ve connected your sources and destinations, you’ll be given a code to embed on your site which will connect site data to Fullsight. This is as simple as copying and pasting into your site’s code, but equally, can be done using a Tag Manager if that’s preferable.
I can’t see my affiliate network/I want to connect my sales data to a different connection. What now?

If you can’t find the Source or Destination you’d like to connect to, please let us know by using the chat bot on the site. We monitor this closely to make sure that each of our users has the best experience with Fullsight. Upon receiving your message, we’ll work to make sure that it’s included as soon as possible, then we’ll get in touch to let you know its available for you.