Unlock the power of your sales data - no more assumptions and no more manual reporting

All your data in one place

Fullsight automatically and accurately pulls in data from all major affiliate networks, giving you real-time access to your sales and revenue data. See your product, brand and revenue data (including sales status) by user, page, traffic source and more – all available in the analytics set-up that you already use.

Plug and play

Requiring no complicated, expensive system integration, Fullsight allows you to be up and running on the same day, within your existing reporting systems.

Understand the true value of each user journey

Unlocking the full value of your site doesn’t come from knowing everything, it comes from knowing the right things. Fullsight delivers end-to-end sales and revenue insight at a granular article, user, and traffic source level.

Supercharge your PPC, SEO and optimisation

Resorting to assumptions in your business is costly, and enormously ineffective. Real data from Fullsight enables you to make smarter decisions when refining your paid search, SEO and optimisation. Optimise and split test towards real revenue, review content and articles based on actual sales and run PPC activity to margin – no more assumptions.

Save time and money whilst maximising profits

Using Fullsight delivers a marked increase in sales and profitability, and will save your key staff hours of unnecessary manual reporting every week – test it out for free and see the impact it has on your business from day one.

Improving paid search return on investment

Fullsight delivers granular sales and user data that allow you to make profitable, targeted improvements across your paid search campaigns:

  • Keyword level reporting of sales and revenue data in real-time – providing insight which will directly increase the return on investment of future paid search campaigns
  • Delivers all your data via a single interface and in the same reports – eliminating the error prone and time consuming aggregation of multi-source data using third-party systems
  • Granular reporting across account, campaign and keyword – allowing you to directly impact on the performance of your site, content and campaigns, saving time and improving target hit rate
  • Optimise to margin – with revenues reporting in real-time, optimisation of paid search activity to real margin is possible, no more optimising to goals based on assumptions
  • Build audiences based on real conversion data – get in front of the right people with more targeted, better converting campaigns

Maximise SEO profitability

Fullsight enables users to fully understand the performance of their content and to make targeted SEO improvements in the following ways:

  • Understand and realise the true value of your content – sales and revenue data by article, landing page, and effective transaction page enabling you to see how your content directly, and indirectly, contributes to sales
  • Review trends in site health in relation to sales and revenue impact – enabling you to tweak pages to deliver the greatest impact on customer conversion
  • Review and optimise sales splits from your best converting content – truly understand which content sells which products, enabling you to recognise and roll out successful techniques across your site
  • Fullsight amalgamates your sales and revenue, and site data – delivering it in a single format and eliminating hours of time-consuming reporting for your team

Fullsight significantly reduces hours spent on optimisation testing

Speeding up concurrent testing, results and reporting with real-time optimisation, without compromising accuracy.

  • Optimise to actual revenue – no more using indicative KPIs, like click-outs, no more assumptions
  • Real-time optimisation – understand the true performance of your split testing without waiting days for actual sales data
  • Save hours of reporting time – with data available automatically, in minutes, attributed to each user, hours (often days) of reporting time for each test can be saved
  • Optimise faster – without the lag of waiting for real data, more tests can be run in less time, allowing you faster optimisation of more of your site
  • Get results in less time – forget two week, fixed-period tests, get winning variants live as soon as your results are significant
  • Test concurrently – run multiple optimisation tests whilst being sure of accurate reporting for each test
  • Be sure your tests are working – no more waiting for days to realise a test has been incorrectly set up. Validate your reports in minutes from being live

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