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Hoppy have been using Fullsight for several months and it has already proven invaluable The ability to match sales, revenue and product data back to user journey makes it easy to understand ROI from our various marketing activities. As a result, Fullsight has helped drive growth and incremental sales.

As Fullsight gives us sales data in our analytics, we avoid the need to log into multiple dashboards to get key stats. What’s more, the fact that Fullsight gives us sales data from all of our activity, in realtime, saves us hours of reporting time. Fullsight is an essential affiliate reporting tool.

FullSight saves time and money. We get near-instant visibility on where our sales are coming from which allows us to react fast, make smarter decisions and ultimately drive growth.

It has quickly become a core part of our tracking and reporting and has had a significant impact on our roadmap – freeing us up to get on with what we do best.

Implementation was straightforward and the team have been very helpful and responsive.

Implementing Fullsight has improved the way we can report and interpret our affiliate sales data across broadband.  Being able to review our actual revenue information and transactions alongside web analytics in Google Analytics allows us to make decisions based on facts, it’s close to a full ecommerce view.

As Fullsight can match data back to individual journeys, we now have the ability to test and optimise based on user outcomes, rather than click out volumes.  We can better understand what users do once they’ve left our tool and how different products are working for them. is a comparison site with over 1 million unique visitors per month and thousands of sales taking place across a network of affiliates. Tracking and reporting on sales and revenue was an enormously time-consuming and painstaking manual process for a significant number of our staff, let alone the time spent marrying our sales data up with user data in Google Analytics.

We needed a more effective solution.

We started using Fullsight in 2017. The platform pulls in real-time sales and revenue data from across our affiliate network and amalgamates it within a standardised format via a single interface. It also feeds all sales data into our analytics system where it is combined with user-journey data delivering a granular understanding of our site performance and customer journey at every possible level.

Using Fullsight has saved key staff in our marketing and UX teams an estimated 10 reconciling and reporting hours per week, leaving 30% more time to spend exploring other profit-making areas. Not only this but the insight we achieved from Fullsight data enabled us to bring a consistent 17% uplift in sales purely from content optimisation, and improvement can also be seen across our paid search and SEO areas.

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