Bringing Cake affiliate sales data into Google Analytics

October 22, 2018
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Continuing our series of how to integrate major affiliate networks and tracking solutions within Google Analytics, today we’ll be looking at integration with Cake. This guide will look at how to bring your affiliate sales, revenue and product data into your on-site analytics – allowing you to easily match revenue to page, traffic source and more.

This guide will assume you already have a Fullsight account set-up. If you don’t have a Fullsight account already, you can create an account for free here.

How to track Cake affiliate sales within G.A.

Bringing Cake data into GA involves six simple steps:

  1. Select ‘Add Source’ from the Fullsight homepage and select ‘Cake’
  2. Give your connection a name – this is useful if you are connecting multiple versions of Cake
  3. Paste your API domain and key into the relevant fields – data on where to find these is provided on the instructions on the left
  4. Cake is now connected

  5. Click ‘Add destination’ from the Fullsight homepage and select Google Analytics
  6. Add data to the two fields:
    1. The Custom name field can be whatever you choose
    2. Add your Google Analytics tracking ID (which can be found by logging into GA and going to: Google Analytics Property > Admin > Property Settings) to the Property field
  7. OPTIONAL – Add fields or customer config – this allows you to filter the data if desired.
  8. You’re done

It worth noting here that it’s possible to connect multiple accounts (from multiple Cake affiliate accounts as well as other networks) using this same process. Many major merchants and brands use Get Cake for their affiliate tracking. As a result, and to support this, there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be connected to Fullsight.

If you are connecting more than one Cake account, as soon as these have been hooked up as per steps 1-3 above you’ll see an overall total of the commission you’ve generated, and the total volumes of sales tracked, across all of these programmes.

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