How to integrate AWIN sales data with Google Analytics

August 28, 2018
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This article is the first in a series of articles on the Fullsight blog that explain how to connect the various major global affiliate networks to Google Analytics. Today we’ll look at how to bring AWIN revenue into GA.

Bringing AWIN sales data into Google Analytics

By importing AWIN (previously Affiliate Window) sales data into Google Analytics you can open up a world of affiliate reporting possibilities. The two most useful benefits that we often find from clients are the ability to see revenue by page and to see sales data linked back to marketing campaign:

  • Sales data to page level – importing AWIN sales data into Google Analytics effectively brings revenue and sales data from all of your AWIN merchants into GA and matches this back to user journey, thereby to page. For content sites with lots of articles, this allows instant visibility of what pages are driving what revenue, allowing you to understand your top converting pages and to target high traffic pages that aren’t doing as well as they could.
  • Sales data to marketing campaign – some of the world’s largest merchants use the AWIN network. If you’re driving traffic from paid channels, understanding what campaigns / keywords are generating what revenue is hugely useful information. By bringing AWIN revenue data into GA, just as with page level insights, it becomes possible to see revenue from all of your AWIN advertisers linked back to traffic source / campaign allowing you to see spend against revenue for all of your marketing activity.

How to import AWIN revenue into GA

These six steps will talk you through how to connect your AWIN account to your Google Analytics if you already have Fullsight on your site. If you haven’t got a Fullsight account, you can create an account for Free here.

  1. Select ‘Add Source’ from the Fullsight homepage and select ‘AWIN’
  2. Populate the three fields:
    1. The custom name field allows you to give this account any name. This is useful if you are connecting multiple AWIN accounts
    2. The token field is where to add your AWIN API key. This can be found at:
    3. Choose the Referral ref field that relates to whichever click ref you are passing your unique id through for AWIN. If in doubt get in touch
  3. AWIN is now connected to Fullsight
  4. Click ‘Add destination’ from the Fullsight homepage and select Google Analytics
  5. Add data to the two fields:
    1. The Custom name field can be whatever you choose
    2. Add your Google Analytics tracking ID (which can be found by logging into GA and going to: Google Analytics Property > Admin > Property Settings) to the Property field
  6. OPTIONAL – Add fields or customer config – this allows you to filter the data if desired.
  7. You’re done

Now that you’re done. Consider connecting any other networks you’re using. Fullsight supports all the major affiliate networks as well as a number of smaller networks. If you can’t see your network on the list, get in touch as we probably already support it – if we don’t, we can probably add it for free!

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