How to build an affiliate income dashboard

July 3, 2018
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An affiliate income dashboard is a one-stop-shop that give you visibility of all your income, from all your affiliate programmes and networks in one place. Using an affiliate income dashboard means that you no longer need to spend time logging into multiple interfaces, and then manually combining data using excel – instead, your dashboard gives you all your data in one location.

How to build an affiliate income dashboard using Fullsight

One of the key reasons we built Fullsight was to save marketing and commercial teams time and effort when it comes to reporting affiliate revenue. As a result, this is functionality that Fullsight offers out-of-the-box. The simplest way to do this is using Google Analytics: Once you’ve activated Fullsight (more details here), simple select: Conversions > Ecommerce and then

Sales performance to see a list of all sales with overall revenues

Product performance to see a list of top selling products

    Product list performance > Marketing > affiliate to see data ranked

It is also possible to build custom affiliate incomes dashboards with Fullsight using Biq Query or other databases. This allows reports to be built within data visualisation tools like Tableau and Google Data Studio. In order to do this, first select Biq Query as a destination during the Fullsight customisation process, then enter your Biq Query URL. Fullsight will then push your data into this Biq Query, allowing you to customise as you see fit.

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