How to report affiliate revenue by page

June 19, 2018
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Understanding which article or piece of content is responsible for driving sales is hugely valuable insight for any business generating revenue from affiliate activity. Reporting affiliate revenue by page allows you to identify your best performing content and, more importantly, content that could be easily optimised to help generate more sales.

This guide will specifically look at how to do this with Google Analytics, as this is by far the most commonly used site analytics tool. It also assumes that you have already got Fullsight up and running, if not, you can find details on how to do this here here.

Simple steps to view affiliate revenue by page

The first thing to know is that Google Analytics uses ‘Page Value’ to attribute sales revenue to each page on site. Page value is the average value (revenue) that each page has driven calculated by apportioning a sale revenue to every page visited before a sale took place. You can find more details on page value here

To report affiliate revenue by page using page value simply:

1. Navigate to ‘All pages’ report – this can be found in the left-hand navigation under: Behaviour > Site Content > All pages

All pages report in GA

2. OPTIONAL Filter by content section – if you only want to look at a particularly content section that is defined in your sites URL structure (e.g. a deals section that is always, enter the section name into the search box

Filter pages by URL

3. Sort by page value – click the ‘page value’ column title in the report. This will filter the results with the content that drives the most revenue at the top.

Sort pages to show affiliate revenue by page

4. Done – You’ll now see a list of content ranked by page value

Content sorted by page value

It’s worth noting that Page Value also takes manual goal amounts into consideration. If you have revenue associated to goals on-site, and these are being triggered during a customer journey, this will be added to page value

Using affiliate revenue by page to grow overall revenues

The above report is particularly useful in understanding the value of your content and unlocks a whole world of optimisation and simple improvements that can be made to increase revenue. For example:

    Identify your content superstars – using the above, you can rank all content on your site by which is driving the highest page value. This will show you which content is performing well. By looking at content with the highest affiliate revenue by page, it’s possible to see what is working well on these pages and apply this to other content. If your highest performing pages all have a certain best buy, or link formatted in a certain way, use this insight for other articles.
    Which content should really be doing better – these can be identified by looking at highly trafficked articles which contain affiliate links but with a comparatively low page-value. This is particularly useful if you have a section of your site specifically geared to driving affiliate revenues, for example a deals or review section. By taking this approach looking only at this specific section – it quickly becomes possible to identify which content should be performing better and draw up a hit list on where to best focus your efforts.
    Where are your opportunities – this is about understanding which content on your site has a lot of traffic but no affiliate links. Sometimes it just isn’t appropriate to add a link to an article, however there will be content where a deal / offer link could be useful to readers. By finding high traffic content with zero page value, you can find these potential opportunities.
    Optimising your affiliate links – just because your top performing article is about TVs, doesn’t mean it’s doing well because people are buying only TVs. Understanding what products are being sold by your top content can help you make tweaks to get this content working even harder. If, in this TV example, people are also buying soundbars, might it be worth adding specific coverage and links for soundbars to this article?

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