Fullsight joins the MoneySuperMarket family

March 29, 2018
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Decision Tech (Fullsight’s parent company), announced today that it will be joining the Moneysupermarket.com Group. Decision tech offers a range of leading consumer, and B2B, comparison services alongside the Fullsight product.

The acquisition by the MoneySuperMarket group  is a massive vote of confidence in the entire suite of Decision Tech products and will help further Fullsight’s ambitions to work with yet more affiliate brands to transform their reports and make their marketing and affiliate efforts smarter and more efficient.

Dominic Baliszewski, Head of New Ventures, today said “Today’s announcement is fantastic news and a clear testament to the industry leading development work that underpins Fullsight. The affiliate industry is a dynamic and vibrant space and we’re now better equipped than ever to build even more, even faster.  Fullsight clients, both existing and new, can be confident that we will continue to deliver cutting edge reporting functionality and stand out service to clients.”

The deal spells great news for customers of both brands, who will be able to benefit from Decision Tech’s market leading technology as part of their experience and this deal will enable Decision Tech to bring new verticals to their partner distribution platform, capitalising on Moneysupermarket’s expertise in Energy, Personal Finance and Insurance.

Michael Phillips, Decision Tech founder and CEO, said: “Our mission from day one was to apply our deep market expertise and technical knowledge to creating the best possible comparison solutions; providing essential tools for partners, and a first-class user experience for consumers looking to save money. Moneysupermarket is excited by our technology, our brands and our team, and this is testament to the focus and drive of our talented staff in delivering our vision.”

For more information please contact info@fullsight.tech

Fullsight is a Decision Tech product available to partners, find out more about becoming a partner here