How do you solve a problem like reporting?

January 2, 2018
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Any business that makes some or all of its income from affiliate sales will be familiar with the laborious process of reporting sales data.

Manually pulling the data in from your affiliate networks is just the first stage of the process, then comes aggregating the data into a uniform format for your report. Finally, potentially most time consuming of all, the task of manually pairing your sales data with your chosen analytics software in order to gain insight about the performance of your site. This approach to reporting leaves gaps in knowledge that result in a level of assumption that is, at best, highly inefficient, and at worst will negatively impact your profits.

Your key reporting staff are probably each burning somewhere between 3 and 10 hours a week on these tedious, manual reporting processes (cue the not-so-gentle sound of money cascading down the drain). Put another way, that’s up to a third of a working week that could be spent growing your business, or improving ROI on existing income streams.

There are solutions to this time consuming issue. Most affiliate networks offer API reporting, but you’ll need an analytics tool to digest this data  There are reporting and analytics services that can be plugged in, although these can be very costly and are often not designed to work for publisher / affiliate sites out of the box. What’s more, matching sales and revenue to page on site, not to mention marketing spend, can be hellishly complex even with these tools,

We know how painful this can be as we used to do this day in, day out for years. With numerous different systems giving reporting and insight that was, we thought, good enough. Good enough, until we decided that there must be a better way. Following two years of work, there now is, in the form of Fullsight.

FullSight is a multifaceted data solution that will eliminate the time-consuming, manual processes involved in sales reporting.

FullSight automatically and accurately pulls in data from a wide array of affiliate networks giving you real-time access to your sales and revenue data at user, page and traffic source, level via a single interface.

It is compatible with all the major analytics programmes, which allows you to unlock the full value of your site. The data enables you to see the true performance of your content by showing sales in relation to the user-journey at a granular level.

What’s more, knowing real-data – no assumptions – gives you the power to supercharge your SEO, paid search and optimisation, maximising return on investment. So, not only will it save you time, it’ll save you money too.

Unlike many other reporting tools, FullSight is plug and play – so within a day you can be up and running, and immediately seeing the marked increase in sales and profitability users have reported.

If you’re spending hours each month reporting on your sales data, and making optimisation, SEO and paid marketing decisions based on goals and assumptions, perhaps it’s time to get in touch.

Fullsight is a Decision Tech product available to partners, find out more about becoming a partner here