Key affiliate trends following ASW Las Vegas

January 25, 2018
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After an intense three days exhibiting at Affiliate Summit West, there are some clear themes coming from the affiliate space stateside, namely:

  • Nothing sells more than quality
  • Publishers and merchants expect increasingly complex features from networks
  • The crucial importance of the fight against fraud

  • The key theme here being that, as the affiliate market continues to grow on both sides of the pond, merchants want leads of genuinely high quality and publishers want anything that can help them drive these – the more data the better.

    With dozens of affiliate networks in the US, publishers are all too familiar with the challenge of spending hours each week trying to get a single view of sales and revenue data. Not to mention mapping this back to source in order to understand what article, blog post, campaign, keyword or activity is actually responsible for driving these sales.

    With the US affiliate industry worth around $5.4bn (three times that of the UK), it’s somewhat surprising but also heartening, to hear that the challenges in the US are very similar to the challenges faced by publishers in the UK and elsewhere. Whilst many affiliates/publishers fed back that they had built makeshift processes that solved part of the problem, hardly anyone was confident that they had been able to build a single, reliable and painless solution.

    In response to this, Fullsight are already beginning to work with a number of US publishers – both large and small – to transform their affiliate reporting. Through the tool’s wide compatibility with most major US (and global) affiliate networks, and ability to integrate with platforms like GA, Fullsight users can be up and running in minutes. Once running, users are able to use real time sales data to inform and evaluate their decision-making and automate marketing processes to grow sales and revenue. We’ve already seen this make drastic improvements to how publishers work, giving them a serious helping hand in driving quality sales that merchants are so desperate for.

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